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Art with your Dog

Creativity using reinforcement techniques

Bond with your dog through creative art, using positive reinforcement techniques. This is a progressive, innovative, and therapeutic service that is passionate about reducing social isolation amongst adults with invisible illnesses, improving mental health and wellbeing through a canine/human bond.

My Art with your dog workshop helps you create dog paw canvasses using your dog’s own paw prints, a complete masterpiece created solely by your dog, or a joint masterpiece created by the both of you! You could also create key chain keepsakes made from your dog’s paw print, paw moulds using dough, paw moulded Christmas tree decorations, framed prints, canvasses and much more.

The workshops are half a day long, refreshments will be provided, (for your canine companion too). The groups will be small, so that everyone gets the attention they require. Dates will be set when the adequate number of attendees have enquired and signed up. Multiple dates will be suggested, you just tell me what dates fit your schedule and I will do my very best to schedule around them.

I will supply all materials and the experience needed to make it a day to remember.

Half Day Workshop: £35

Private groups/one to one’s can be arranged.


Please get in touch to find out more...