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A great way to exercise with your dog!

Canicross simply put, is about running, and walking with your dog as a team, a harness with a bungee line is attached to yourself and your dog, you wear a belt, so your hands are free.

Canicrioss derived from mushers who wanted to exercise their dogs when there was no snow. Any breed is suitable for this sport as long as they are relatively fit and healthy. Dogs must be over 12 months of age before being introduced to Canicross.

I run classes for ALL abilities, so please don’t worry if you are unfit or cannot run for other purposes. 

For Example:

One group may start off with a walk and maybe even continue just walking throughout the classes, depending on your circumstances. Another group may be able to jog or run. You will be placed in a group most suited to your personal requirements.

Canicross classes is all about getting out and exercising with your dog, seeing new sights along the way.

Canicross Group Class - £10 per human & dog team

Canicross One to One Session - £20 per hour

Please get in touch to find out more...