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We have two pups. A yellow lab and a german shepherd. Angie has been beyond helpful to our family and our pups. Not only has she provided key training and guidance, she has also looked after our dogs in times of need. When we haven't trusted our german shepherd to be looked after by others or a kennel due to her being nervous and protective, Angie has been able to help. She provided great care for our dogs, while also providing training. We have seen marked differences in both pups for the better, but especially in our german shepard who is now much more settled.

Angie also provided tips and tricks for us to try at home and helped us to find the right equipment for walking and training. Whenever Angie comes by, the pups are so excited to see her and you can tell she really forms a bond with the animals she works with. 

It has been great working with Angie and I look forward to continuing our relationship with her as she is able to hold different training and social opportunities (for both pups and their owners)! 

Kathleen Normandin

I thought you had to be fit and was anxious I would not physically be able to manage.  I have done a couple of cani-cross walks with Angie now and she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive in getting me to join in.  I was worried my hyper boxer would cause chaos but the dogs seem to love it.  It is my hope that I will continue to carry on and improve both my fitness and confidence.  I love the idea of walks for people with hidden illnesses as being in a supportive group means I don't feel judged or that I am expected to be doing anything I am not ready for.  I am excited at future walks and have my camera at the ready to capture some amazing scenery in Perthshire and beyond.  I'd say to anyone anxious, like I was, to take the brave step and join us.  You'll be surprised and the feelgood factor is great.

Janine Kain

I cannot thank Angie enough for helping us to find ways that can make canicross with our reactive lurcher even more enjoyable.  It can be difficult to find the right places and ways to keep everything fun.  Angie is supportive, positive, understanding and experienced.  Really made me feel relaxed and at ease, and not alone.  Can thoroughly recommend.  Thank you Angie! Look forward to hitting more trails together.

Lynsey Bayer

I found Angie to be a friendly fun loving dog lover. Harry, my 15 month cocker had great fun at our training sessions as did I. We both learned some great things.


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